The Directors of Alpha International write:

“We have always been keen to allow individuals who are running an Alpha International Course the flexibility to adapt where it was felt necessary to allow for locally felt needs and where there was the desire to retain the essential elements, nature and identity of the course. Experience has shown though that this has been misunderstood and the resulting loss of integrity in some courses has given rise to considerable confusion. Now that Alpha International resources and publications are being used all around the world we have reluctantly had to draw up a copyright statement more tightly in order to preserve confidence and quality control. We are sure you will understand.”

With the exception of books (in which the author is stated to hold the copyright), all Alpha International resources including written material, audio visual resources graphics and software are copyright to Alpha International. Alpha International resources cover a wide range of ministries including Alpha and post-Alpha resources, The Marriage Course and Relationship Central, Worship Central, St Paul’s Theological Centre and God At Work.

In no circumstances may any part of any Alpha International resource be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or any information storage or retrieval system without permission in writing from the copyright holder or that holder’s agent.

Use of Alpha International resources are permitted only when in conjunction with the running or promotion of Alpha International courses. Resale or the obtaining of payment in any other connection with any Alpha International resource is not permitted.

Alpha International asks that the name ‘Alpha’, or names similar to it should not be used in connection with any other Christian course. This request is made in order to:

– Avoid confusion caused by different courses having similar titles
– Ensure the uniformity and integrity of Alpha
– Maintain confidence in the Alpha Directory

Alpha International accepts that minor adaptations to Alpha International courses may occasionally be desirable. These should only concern the length of the talks or the number of sessions. In each case the essential character of the course must be retained.

If an Alpha International course is adapted the person responsible must:

– Only use such a course in their own church or parish
– Not allow such a course to be used elsewhere
– Not publish or promote such a course

This statement supersedes all previous statements relating to copyright in any Alpha International resources.
Revised February 2014